Modeste has currently released two albums and has a third coming out September 2012 and the fourth later this year. The first album is the self-titled Modeste and the second is Fomba/ Living our Destiny. They can both be bought digitally on itunes, Amazon and other retailers or for physical CDs through this website, just send us an email.


Produced by Dale Hanson

Recorded at Space Shop Records in London

  1. 1.Mifona

  2. 2.Agapi mou

  3. 3.Mamangy

  4. 4.Eriteritra

  5. 5.Lavitra

  6. 6.Malala

  7. 7.Olo-tiako

  8. 8.Asio farany

  9. 9.Zanakao rafoza

Fomba / Living our Destiny

Produced by Dale Hanson & Modeste Hugues Randriamahitasoa

Recorded by Dale Hanson at Goddest Studio

  1. 1.Fomba

  2. 2.Anao zalahy

  3. 3.Celestina

  4. 4.Zanakao rafoza 2

  5. 5.Any anao

  6. 6.Fitiavana

  7. 7.Mafy

  8. 8.Tsara

  9. 9.Kopaka

  10. 10.Hoaminao

  11. 11.Piripiky

Track playing: Celestina

Track playing: Agapi mou